Newton Garage Door Repair

Did your garage door stop running? Will the door not open? Our Newton garage door repair technicians will gladly repair as quickly as possible. We have incredible services that can meet all of your needs, including emergency services, broken spring repair, new motor installation, new door installation, and garage door maintenance. We are able to repair anything your garage may throw our way, and we will make sure it is done in a timely fashion, quickly giving you a fully functional garage again.

Emergency Services

Our emergency services are available to residents needing Newton garage door repair needs. This includes fixing broken springs, pulleys, and getting your door opening and working perfectly again. You can call us at any time of day or night, and we will be able to get a team out to you as soon as possible. Our typical response time is 20 minutes! We understand just how important your garage is in keeping your vehicle safe from theft and the elements, and we want to make sure it will continue to provide that protection for a long time.

Broken Spring Repair

Springs get old and worn out over the years and are oftentimes forgotten about until it is too late. We provide broken spring repair for all residents, making sure you get replacements as quickly as possible. We utilize the latest technology in the field to ensure you receive the best spring for specific. A garage door spring varies in lifespan from nine years to fifteen years, depending on the spring type your garage door will need to be repaired.

New Motor Installation

Motors are another aspect of garage doors that will give out after a long time of operating or can fry if power surges in your house. A motor is what helps you open while outside or inside the garage, keeping you from needing to open the door manually. This is extremely helpful when it is snowing or raining outside, or if that summer sun is just too hot. Unfortunately, those are the times garage door motors give out and decide to quit working. We are here for Newton residents to repair their motor and install a new one if necessary. We also provide maintenance on your motor and can give you handy tips to make sure it lasts a long time.

New Door Installation

Sometimes you may need a new garage door because of an accident. Sometimes you will just want a new one to freshen up the look of your house. Whatever the case may be, we have your garage door needs covered with our wonderful installation program. We have a variety of you can choose from, including panel doors and roller doors. We will show you our selection and help you pick the right look and fit for your garage door needs.

Maintenance Services

We provide quality maintenance service with some of the best trained, Newton garage door repair certified technicians in the field. We will come out to your house any time, day or night, to help fix any issues that come up with your door and provide regular maintenance. All you will need to do is give us a call and let us know what is going on with your door. If you are unable to describe what is happening, never fear! We will still come out and diagnose the problem, giving you an estimate on the spot. We understand how important a working garage door is to our customers, and we want to make sure your doors last a long time.

Choose Our Newton Garage Door Repair Service

If you are in need of a Newton garage door repair, call us today. We will help you find the best solution for your problem and fix it as quickly as possible. We will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have regarding.